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Want a Better Website? One Word: WordPress

WordPress is the CMS of choiceWordPress. Isn’t that the generic blog so-and-so was using back in 2003? Probably. But that’s your MP3 player’s WordPress. It’s time to meet the WordPress of the Veruca Salt “I Want It Now” Generation.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has capabilities far beyond blogging. It may have started as a blogging platform alone, but it’s now the leading website publishing system; over 60 million websites operate on a WordPress CMS. And because WordPress is open-source software, it’s free and has no license fees.

Now for the stuff that will really wet your whistle.

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That’s Fresh: Why Blog Writing is the Nectar of Google

Blog writing to satisfy GoogleThere are certain details on your business website that are static – the about page, the services page, the contact information. Because these elements of a website rarely change, there isn’t much that Google can do with them. Once they’ve been spidered and indexed and ranked for keywords, that’s it. So how do you keep wooing Google? With a blog.

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