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File / Print Server

Allow your users to share file space and printers. Consolidating disk storage means more reliable backups and central point for file access. We can assure data availability with tools such as RAID and back-ups. Let us show you how to effective deploy file and print servers. For, smaller implementations these services can be combined on one system.

DNS Servers

One directory service that touches everyone using the Internet is theworld's largest distributed directory: the Internet's Domain Name System(DNS). As the technology that gives users access to Web content -by translating the name typed into a browser (www.somecompany.com) to the IP address ( for the server that stores the content - DNS touches virtually every Internet transaction.

If your office has more than a few PCs chances are you'll need a DNS server to to map IP addresses to host names. Or if your hosting your own Internet services chances are you'll need your own DNS servers. We can deploy primary and secondary services configured as masters or slaves. If your not interested in hosting your own DNS server ask us about hosting them for you. You'll find our DNS hosting rates very competitive as well as service best of class.

Remote Access

We can connect satellite offices through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Give your mobile employees the capability to dial into the network for email or file access. Work at home employees can use ftp, ssh or telnet.We can show you a world or remote services keeping security at the fore front.

Web Server

By now your business has a web site or needs a web site. How will you host it? We can help you design and deploy a web server that closely matches your needs. Whether you need server side processing, or client based authentication we can implement a solution for you. We prefer to use the most popular web server; Apache. However if your needs require we can deploy Microsoft IIS, or Sun's iPlanet. Your web server can be configured to server only your intranet, extranet or then entire Internet.

If you'd rather not host your own web server, we offer web hosting solutions, including co-location, managed systems and dedicated servers. Not sure which solution is best for you? Talk to us. Let us evaluate your needs we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Email Servers

Are your employees sharing one email address? Are you still using that embarrassing AOL address for your company? We can fix all of that!! Let us implement an email server for your organization. We can deploy the most widely used Email products Including SMTP gateways, IMAP, and POP services. We are especially in tune with security precautions for these services. We can implement SMTP authentication as well as IMAP and POP over SSL. Best of all there is no license fee to use the products we deploy. This can save your organization thousands of dollars in license fees.

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