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Wireless Benefits

Wireless networking brings freedom from wires. A multitude of devicescan be connected to a wireless LAN. Laptops, PDAs, barcode scanners, and other typically wired devices can all benefit from a WLAN. Need to locate a computer in a location that can't be wired forEthernet? WLAN may be a good solution.

Some Common Uses

  • Conference room access. Do your employees need access for their laptops during meeting? With wireless networking your employees can access all their normal wired network resources while away from their desks.
  • Face to face collaboration. Could you or your staff benefit from working side by side? Wifi is the answer.
  • Bar code scanning Does your shipping, receiving or inventory use bar codes? Your bar code readers can be enabled to move freely about your facility. A connected PC may not longer be needed.
  • Network your PDA without wires. Your PDA can connect to your existing network without wires. Gain access to all your existing resources without being tied to your desk.

Wifi (Wireless networking) offers high speed local area Ethernet connections.

Typical Wireless

Two types of wireless networks can be utilized.

  • Integrated with an existing network. Often called "Infrastructure" this type of network can easily integrate with your existing LAN. Wireless devices communicate with an access point which bridges them to the existing network. Many access points can be install through-out a facility to offer complete or distinct coverage.
  • As an independent peer-to-peer network. "Ad-hoc" wireless lans are less common. Ad-Hoc networks create a peer-to-peer network among the wireless devices. There is no bridge back to an existing LAN. This can be useful for certain needs.

Security Concerns

Finding an unsecured wireless computer network should be as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack. Unfortunately, at the moment it's much like shooting fish in a barrel.

Wireless networks are wildly popular and springing up in offices and homes everywhere. Users love the flexibility and mobility they offer. But when wireless networks are not protected with proper security, bad things can happen to good people.

An unsecured network can be infiltrated. People can assume the company’s identity and use the network connection to commit crimes such as attacking other sites or sending illegal material. The company’s data can be destroyed or sold to its competitors. Confidential information could be used to embarrass the firm. The business could be ruined. All in a matter of minutes.

Every day IT departments install more wireless networks, unwittingly leaving them fully exposed to anybody with a laptop or PDA and an 802.11 PC card.

The security scheme integrated in wifi networking can be cumbersome to implement. And once its implemented can be defeated with little effort.

Pistonbroke has recognized these weakness and can implement solutions for any size organization. These solutions include strong encryption and authentication. Authentication can be performed against against existing authentication schemes or newly created ones.

Pistonbroke has compiled data on wireless networks. This data used to demonstrate a siginificant problem. The site is updated frequently as more data becomes available.

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