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Web Design

Our web design team has been integrating professional graphic and editorial design with HTML (the language of the world-wide-web) since 1997. We have extensive experience in refining our code so web pages will be displayed the best possible on every screen and web browser combinations.

We also consider ourselves experts in working with the Document Object Model (DOM) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) standards for dynamic (DHTML) web page creation. Using these technologies we can also take full advantage of the modern web browsers page rendering capabilities for better and more precise page layout and control.

Flash animation

If it best suits your project, we can not only add "bells-and-whistles" but use the benefits of flash vector graphics and animation to further enhance the user interface, breaking free of the mainly graphic design limitations inherent to traditional web page coding.

Our expertise in this area has been proven with our work for the film distribution industry.

Web programming & Database driven websites

When the complexity of a web-based project calls for a large database and sets of web applications, we can deliver solutions based on server side (MySQL-Perl-PHP) and client side (JavaScript) programing.

We have a proven expertise in this area. We have developed and mantained high end e-comerce solutions complete with backend mantainance and monitoring tools.

Graphic design.

Although our focus is on new media, we are quite experienced in providing more traditional design services which range from logotype & letterhead design to printed advertising.

Our Creative Department can help your company achieve a professional Graphic Identity and deploy it troughout your entire organization covering both "virtual" and "real" worlds.

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