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Social Media

Just being there isn’t enough

Grow Your Business

  • Get your name out there
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Talk directly with potential clients and customers

One-on-one, casual interactions = conversions

In the broadest definition, “Web 2.0” refers to interactive web applications that lend themselves to information sharing and collaboration online. In the simplest terms, Web 2.0 is your online presence beyond just your website – it’s the mark you make through social networking sites, web-based communities, and video-sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and the like.

Did you know that a blog is considered part of Web 2.0 as well?
It enhances your online presence tenfold.
Ask us for details about our blog hosting and blog writing services.

Making the most of Web 2.0 allows you to be an active participant online rather than just a static entity in cyberspace. You can interact directly with your customers, clients, and colleagues. Instead of merely trusting that your audience will find the pages and information on your website that you want them to discover, you can direct them right to it through links, videos, and up-to-the-minute notices.


Web 2.0 is a fundamental marketing strategy for today’s marketplace. You can pick and choose the mediums that suit your needs best.

A little more about the value of Web 2.0:

  • Talk directly to your clients and customers.

    It may seem that applications like Facebook and Twitter are self-indulgent time-wasters for teens and college students, but social networking isn’t just for socializing. Savvy marketers have learned how to leverage social networking sites to their benefit. People who are interested in you and what you have to say follow you – you couldn’t ask for a more targeted marketing plan! You can promote your product or service by casually interacting with a ready and willing customer and client base. And, if your followers really like what you have to say, they’ll tell their friends. Boom – even more eyeballs on what your business is doing and offering.

  • Keep up with the competition.

    Through Web 2.0 you can stay in front of your customers and clients, but you can also do some reconnaissance work and find out how your direct competitors are thriving. Who are they interacting with? What messages are they sending? It’s the easiest form of marketing research you’ll ever do – all the information you need to keep a close watch on your competitors is out there in cyberspace.

  • Capture-eyeballs galore.

    When you get started with Web 2.0, you’ll make connections with the people and businesses you already know, and who already know you. But placing yourself into interactive online communities also gives you the opportunity to connect with people who might otherwise have never seen you, heard of you, or gotten to know you. Social networking actually allows you to be all things to all people, to reach the broadest and most diverse audience you’ll ever reach.

  • Drive traffic to your website.

    The ultimate goal is obviously to interact enough with people that they will want even more information about your business. They’ll go to your website, thus improving your traffic stands and therefore upping your standing with search engines. Think of it as six degrees of separation – in a very good way.

This may be the point where you think,
“I know I need to do all of this and I really want to, but I just don’t have the time.”
That’s where we come into the picture.

If you invest in the Pistonbroke Web 2.0 treatment, here’s what we can do for you:

  • Set up your accounts.

    Decide which online “neighborhoods” you want to belong to – you don’t have to join them all at once. We’ll get your accounts set up immediately and customize them to highlight your company logo, colors, brand, tagline, website, and more.

  • Manage your accounts.

    If you don’t have time to set up any Web 2.0 accounts, then we’re going to guess that you don’t have the time or labor force to maintain them. No problem. We can establish a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule of updates for your accounts so that you always have a strong and active presence online.

  • Develop content.

    It may seem like these social networking applications run themselves but, no matter which Web 2.0 applications you elect to become a part of, they need to be populated with fresh content consistently. We can write your posts and messages for your social networking interactions, get your videos shot and produced, and keep your Web 2.0 accounts relevant and compelling. You can establish an online presence… but without smart content to keep it going, the effort is wasted.

Not ready to branch out beyond your website?
No problem. Find out how to get interactive with your site visitors through your webpage using live chat.

Still not exactly sure what you need?

One meeting with us and you’ll discover that you do have the time to make Web 2.0 happen for your enterprise.
Actually, if you want to truly compete in your industry, you can’t afford not to get your company name and message out there in as many ways as possible. Start mingling with your existing customers right away and make connections with new ones every day. Get traffic, clicks, conversions… get more business.

Web 2.0 Service Packages

Any businessperson who uses the Internet to reach their goals knows the importance of search engine ranking in this wired world. You can reach the top of search results on Google, Bing, etc. through search engine optimization, but there is a savvy, new counterpart to this effort: Web 2.0.

Participating in the likes of Facebook and family will improve your online stats and drive more traffic to your website simply due to your expanding online presence. But there is another huge benefit: Search engines now recognize SEO from established social media sites and provide Twitter and Facebook links in their search results. That’s right – one little Tweet can show up on page one of Google when someone searches for a specific term or item. And that could be the Tweet that gets you another customer, a big client, or opportunities for publicity.


Choose the Web 2.0 service(s) you’d like to have – we’ll implement them for you:

  • Create a Facebook account

    Includes setting up a fan page and all related particulars such as classification, wall settings and professional copy writing of company information and pertinent details

  • Create a Google+ Account

    Includes setting up Google+ and Google+ Local all related particulars such as classification,  settings and professional copy writing of company information and pertinent details

  • Create Facebook and Twitter accounts

    Includes above Facebook implementation, plus setting up a Twitter account and development of a customized, professional Twitter background

  • Create Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts

    Includes above Facebook and Twitter implementation, plus setting up a LinkedIn Group and professional copy writing of group summary and description


Because social networking sites only thrive if they are consistently monitored and updated, we also provide packages that allow you to enjoy the benefits of Web 2.0 without the work. In other words, we do the updating for you. Using SEO techniques and posting about hot topics, we will increase your relevance for your audience, interact with your fans, and grow your followers.

Social Media Presence

Service Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Facebook custom page Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Custom Page Yes Yes Yes
YouTube Channel Yes Yes Yes
Google+ custom page Yes Yes Yes

Social media content

Service Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Facebook posts 12 20 28 36
Twitter posts 12 20 28 36
Google+ posts 12 20 28 36
LinkedIn posts 12 20 28 36

Fan / followers

Service Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Facebook fans 10 15 20 25
Twitter followers 10 15 20 25
Google+ plus-ones (+1) 10 15 20 25


While we focus on Web 2.0 items like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn in this page, we’re flexible. If you want to delve into Web 2.0 services such as Flickr, Vimeo, and more, we’ll make it happen.