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WordPress Website Design

Manage your entire website with WordPress

WordPress – it’s not just for bloggers

As a content management system (CMS), WordPress has gone far beyond the blogging universe and enabled even the least technologically inclined person to make the most of their online presence.


Pistonbroke’s goal is to make your cyberspace experience as easy, efficient, and effective as possible. So when you ask us to build you a site in WordPress, what we’re essentially doing is eliminating the monkey in the middle and giving you the power to manage your website as you see fit.

Here are just some of the benefits and advantages to working with WordPress:

Easy to use, big benefits

  • Ability to add or delete pages
  • Built-in SEO methods
  • Make changes anytime
  • Tech-savvy not necessary

    You don’t have to be an IT guru or HTML genius to make friends with your WordPress site. This hands-on CMS is user-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly and conveniently maintain your website. Easily upload and format images, videos, PDFs, multimedia, and documents. Create links in seconds. Add, delete, or move pages in a matter of clicks. Construct a hierarchy of pages and subpages. Really, caring for your website doesn’t get any easier than this.

  • Gain independence

    When your website is in WordPress, you can execute site changes at your leisure. There is a consistent look and feel that is maintained across the board so you won’t have to worry about formatting unless you want to go outside of the norm for a particular development. Quick edits and uploads can happen in just a few clicks. You don’t need to wait for someone else to find the time to format a document or make HTML adjustments before they actually get around to making the modifications you want. Get your site to look the way you want it to look, when you want it.

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Integrate a blog

If you use WordPress as your website’s CMS, you can implement a blog on your site in addition to the static pages that have been developed. This strengthens your online presence tenfold – having a blog on your site draws in an audience; the static pages convert your visitors from interested parties into customers and clients. Each blog post is composed in a snap by creating “posts.” Work on posts at your leisure, schedule them to be published on the day and time of your choosing, and build a dynamic presence of relevant, up-to-date content. Bonus: Build traffic and increase conversions while you’re at it.

Get the design you want

  • Want a slider? You got it.
  • Want the homepage to look different than the rest of your site’s pages? No problem.
  • Want to promote your Web 2.0 participation on every page? We can place Twitter, Facebook, videos, and the like wherever you want them to be.

At Pistonbroke, we custom-design your website to look exactly the way you want it to… and still make it easy for you to update and manage the content yourself via WordPress.

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Satisfy search engines from day one

The way WordPress is designed, you have the opportunity to add keywords, title, description, categories, and tags for each page and/or post. This happily fulfills the demands of the search engine spiders. And you know that without the love of the search engines, your presence in cyberspace is practically nonexistent.

Still not exactly sure what you need?

Whether you already have a website and want a change, or whether you’re just starting out, WordPress is the smartest move you can make. A professional, streamlined website will help you stand out from the competition; an easy-to-manage behind-the-scenes system will enable you to stay current.

And don’t worry that once we’ve built your site and handed off the management of its content to you that we’re going to disappear. Pistonbroke prides itself on superior customer relations so that you are completely satisfied with how your website looks and how it’s working from day to day and week to week. So whether you need a big website change, a little change, or just have some questions, you can always count on our support and service.