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WordPress-based website design

Have your website built the standard way with WordPress

Simplify your website and life

  • Built-in SEO
  • Make site edits in seconds
  • Get the look and feel you want

WordPress. WordPress. WordPress. Everyone’s always talking about WordPress. There’s a reason: It works. WordPress is user-friendly, intuitive, and provides all the elements a website needs to be successful (while still looking good).


Your first question might be: Isn’t WordPress only for bloggers? Nope. Anyone can use WordPress. In fact, over 74.5 million websites depend on WordPress. Yes. MILLION. That ain’t just bloggers, folks. In fact, it’s The New York Times, CNN, and eBay. And the website you’re looking at right now operates in WordPress. At Pistonbroke, we don’t just go with what’s popular, we go with what works – and we endorse WordPress which just happens to fit into both categories. So let’s talk about what else is awesome.

You’re in control

Once your web developer has created the bare bones of your WordPress-based website, you’ll be able to hold the reins yourself. It’s easy to add content, make edits, and update your page as needed all on your own. No need for the old-school methodology of web edits (email your designer with edits and hope they get to it sooner rather than later). If you make a change to your business, you can reflect it on WordPress as quickly as you can type. If news is happening right now, you can broadcast it on your website. This benefit alone makes WordPress a smart choice. But there are plenty of other reasons why WordPress should be your content management system (CMS) of choice.

Add content, make edits, post a blog… all by yourself.

You don’t have to be an IT whiz

Clearly, as outlined above, WordPress is pretty simple to manage. You can’t screw anything up as far as formatting because there is a standard look and feel across the board that is maintained within WordPress – so there’s no need to worry if you’re using the right font or font size. It’s built-in. And you don’t have to know anything about HTML to make wonderful and amazing additions or changes to your own site: upload pictures, change a title, replace an advertisement with a new promo, create new links. These are just some of the necessary and constant website edits that you will need and want to make – and you won’t have to depend on an outsourced or out-of-the-loop web guy to do it for you. You also don’t have to be a copywriter to populate your static pages, or your blog for that matter. (Pistonbroke has those on staff too so you can spend your time doing what you need to do).

SEO is built in

Search engine optimization (SEO) is built-in. And with the regular updates that Google makes, the algorithms that become the “rules” of search results, you can’t afford to screw up SEO. In WordPress you just fill in the blanks for each page’s title, keywords, meta description, and even social media titles, images, and descriptions. The same for blog posts, and you can add categories and tags for them with a few clicks of the mouse.

Your blog is ready and waiting

Truly, in the SEO world, you must have dynamic content on your website. And it should be sticky. How do you get both, and where do you put them? Well, you hire Pistonbroke and our uber-talented copywriters and they can put what you need in your blog for you, if you don’t want to do it yourself. A blog is one of the biggest boons to a WordPress website, enabling users to get love from the search engine spiders because new, original, SEO content keeps popping up for them to fondle and promote. This means increased traffic and, ideally, increased conversions. Yee-ha.

Ask how we can help create dynamic, sticky content for your website.

Redesigns welcome

You don’t have to be starting a new business or building a website from scratch in order to take advantage of a WordPress CMS. If you’re ready for the big redesign, it’s time to put WordPress on your short list – and find a web designer who promotes this platform (like Pistonbroke!). WordPress simplifies your professional life. Any designer who’s attempting to rope you into a bells-and-whistles site that only they can maintain is a red flag. What do you have to compromise when you use WordPress? Not a thing. You don’t have to give up your slider, your social media integration, or your videos. Your site can be as sophisticated or as minimalistic as you like. Even if you’re not opting for a full-on redesign right now, a WordPress blog can still be integrated into your existing design and match it so well no one will know that, behind the scenes, one part of your website is different from another.

Still not exactly sure what you need?

WordPress. You need WordPress. At Pistonbroke, we know that the planet’s most popular CMS can simplify your life and elevate your business to the next level. And don’t worry that we’re going to abandon you once we set you up with WordPress. You might not need Pistonbroke to make changes to your own site – we’re big on giving our “kids” the wings to fly – but we’ll always be here if you hit any snags or have questions.