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Google Ads/Pay-Per-Click (PPC)


Folks do click on the ads that come up first in a search result. Be there or be square.


  • People are searching for what you’re selling.
  • Measure your ROI.
  • Create different types of ads (and make them all great).


Search engine marketing, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), also known as Google Ads, is where you want to be. It’s where your business needs to be. And getting there is, well, pretty darn easy.


People Love You, They Really Love You

It’s late at night on a weekend. You’re stalking long-lost classmates on Facebook. You’re online shopping. You’re on eBay looking for that one-time favorite toy – and you find it. It’s a miracle! The obscure thing that was on your brain was there all this time – waiting for you.


Your business is waiting for people too.


Whether you sell computers or cats, offer advice or keep people healthy, fix teeth or repair classic cars, there is always someone looking for just the thing you’re selling.


People may not necessarily know they want you, but they’re hunting – and the right kind of Google Ad will help them find you.


Keep Track of What Tanks and What Takes Off

Billboards are big and mailers go right into a person’s hands, but there is no concrete way to know whether these tactics are getting people to walk through your door (or visit your site or call your number).


PPC ads catch people at just the right moment. Your toddler fell into the coffee table and his mouth is bleeding and, oh my gosh, are all his teeth still there? You’re going to Google “emergency dentist [in your town]” and click on the first thing that pops up.


Be the business or resource that’s there in the moment that someone needs you or is ready to buy. And discover whether they really wanted you when they found you.


Get the intel on:


  • The terms a person searched for when they found your ad.
  • The time of day your ad was clicked.
  • If the person saw and clicked through to your site.
  • How long the person spent on your site and on which pages.
  • If the person dialed your phone number or used your contact form.
  • Which keywords and ads triggered the conversion.
  • Whether their click became a shopping cart conversion.


Google Ads are highly measurable. You can see whether the dollars you’re investing are really making a difference. And isn’t that the best kind of investment? You wouldn’t settle for, “We have no idea if this is really working” as a line item on your 401(k) statement, would you?


Be All Things to the Right People

You may have a niche product or service, or you may be the equivalent of a big box store who can fulfill many demands. Knowing who you are is the first step to successful Google Ads. Knowing who wants you is step two.


  • Target the right audience by age, gender, income.
  • Create search ads, call only ads, display ads, shopping ads, YouTube ads.
  • Determine what days and times the ads will run.
  • Set the geography so your ads are seen by people in the right zip codes.


Time to go to market and create the best PPC ads you can. Get click-throughs, conversions, new customers, eager clients. And, sweet, we can help you do that. Give us a shout.