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Local SEO and Address Location Management

You want to find customers but, more importantly, your customers need to find you.

  • Make your way to the top of Google Search results
  • Satisfy the demands of search engines
  • Avoid damage caused by duplicate business listings

Local businesses and professionals appear at the top of Google search results. And the top is where you want to be. Now, how do you get there?

Here’s the truth: You can’t control what Google does. You can, however, woo Google by giving them everything they want. Chocolate. Candlelight. Consistent address citations.

Be Everywhere, but Be Yourself

You want to make sure your contact info is available in as many places as possible. Prevalence is essential.

BUT, that contact info must be EXACTLY the same everywhere. (Did we say exactly the same? Did we say everywhere?) In technical terms, this means you need to audit your citation.

Is your name, address, phone number (NAP, for short) consistent across all your digital assets? We’re talking this info must be written the same way on every page of your website – from the contact page to the about page to all the rest.

Your NAP deets must also be in the same format on:

  • Google My Business
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Search engines are the teachers you kinda respect but kinda don’t like all that much, but they’re also the teachers whose approval you need. If a search engine finds an inconsistency in your info, it will move on to the next business – the business that is following the rules – and boot you right out of the way.

In other words, screw up something as simple as providing consistent NAP info and you are rolling out the red carpet for your competition.

Everyone Loves Dessert – Be the Dessert

Creative marketing is a must but, when it comes to providing your local SEO info, consistency is key. You can, however, sweeten things up a bit by giving search engines even more tasty morsels to work with.

Add details about the following and your likelihood of showing up at the top of Google search engine results increase tenfold:

  • Business category
  • Business hours
  • Services provided

Easy peasy, right? You know all the answers to the unspoken Google question of “Who are you?” So, just fill in the blanks. And be consistent when you do it.

Satisfy Demands Without Double-Dipping

When you realize how easy it is to spread your info around, you can get carried away with listing your business online, However, there are still some rules to follow:

  • No duplicate listings
  • Keep a quality citation
  • Maintain NAP consistency

Sound like a foreign language? Pas de soucis. (That means “no worries” in French. It’s OK, we had to look it up, too.) We are vigilant about following the rules when it comes to protecting the integrity and visibility of your business.

Get our help with location SEO, address management, consistency, consistency, consistency, and mosey right on up that search engine ladder until you see the view from the top. Give us a shout.