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Blog Writing for SEO

Fresh Content drives SEO Rankings up

Get a leg up on competitors

  • Offer timely content
  • Become a trusted resource
  • Develop a following

Befriend target audience, increase conversions

The word “blog” may seem as common as the word “app” these days, but blogging is one method of marketing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Companies or individual entrepreneurs without a blog are limiting their avenues for building a trusted online presence and wide audience.

Or maybe you started a blog but your fire for it has dwindled because you don’t have the time or energy to deal with it. Maybe you’ve wanted to implement a blog on your website but you know your resources for maintaining it are limited. Pistonbroke can help on both counts.


You know that without content, you don’t have a blog. If you’re not a writer by trade or have no desire to compose regular blog posts, there are people who do thrive on carrying out those very tasks. Our blog writers are experienced and creative – they can take your ideas and run with them, develop new content with little direction, and keep your blog current, interesting, and relevant. Talk about a home run!

Search engines are super-friendly to blogs that have regularly updated content.

More reasons why hiring a blog writer is in your best interest:

  • Populating a blog isn’t always easy.

    Just doing one or two posts a week can take a lot of energy and imagination. With a blog writer at your disposal, you can update your blog more regularly than that – which is ideal for your readers and for those ever-present search engine spiders (they loooove new content). Consistent, timely updates show that you’re up on the news and pop culture, and that you’re just plain interested in staying connected with your blog readers.

  • You don’t want to become “one of those” bloggers.

    One of the worst things you can do online is use your blog as advertising alone. Your captive audience won’t be captivated for very long once they realize what you’re up to. We get it – blogging can sometimes seem tedious and time-consuming and it may feel easier to just get to the point and let people know what you want from them. But that’s the fast track to losing your followers. The goal is to provide information – and when people love what you have to say, that’s when you’ll convert readers into customers and clients. Our blog writers will keep you on track and out of the danger zone of that nasty turn-off of blogging solely as promotion.

  • You’ll have direct access to gurus of the soft sell.

    Blogs are indeed marketing tools, but you have to market to your audience in subtle ways. And the best method for doing so is to develop a rapport with them, establish trust, and help them realize you’re a “real person” and not just a habitual self-promoter or money-hungry corporation (not that we think you are). It’s all about the soft sell – our wordsmiths can interject the right kind of language into appropriate blog posts to get your subliminal messages across.

  • You want to sound smart, funny, innovative… or all three.

    Having one consistent voice in all of your blog posts will help readers identify with you that much more quickly. Working with your own, personal blog writer will insure that you get your message across in whatever tone you desire.

  • You want to trump your competitors.

    Feel like your direct competitors are pulling ahead? One way to stay in the lead is by implementing a juicy, meaty blog. It’s a social medium you really can’t afford not to explore, especially if your rivals are making the most of their own blog. Regular updates of hot content to your blog will help you maintain consistent web traffic as you quickly become a “must-visit” site for your audience.

  • You want your blog to run on auto-pilot.

    You need a new blog post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? You got it. You only want new posts on the weekends? No problem. You need an interview on Tuesdays and a how-to piece on Thursdays? Sure thing. Our writers can create blog posts daily, weekly, or whenever you like. The posts can be brief (a link to a significant news story or photo with a sentence of commentary) or they can be lengthy (observations on a pop culture item or pertinent subject regarding your area of expertise); posts can be informative or opinionated. Our Pistonbroke Blog Management option can help you with this point as well.

Still not exactly sure what you need?

Blogs are about spreading information, spurring conversation, and making your online presence vital, respected, and desired. But remember, your blog is only as good as the content that populates it. The goal is to bring visitors to your site… and keep them there. With blog writing done by professional writers, you’ll get the engrossing, entertaining, and engaging writing that will keep your readers clicking through your website day after day and, ultimately, converting them to lifelong clients and customers.

Ask us about our comprehensive blog integration packages which include building your website around your blog, blog writing, and blog management.

Want more info?

Let us tell you about our comprehensive packages: Blog Integration and our Word Press Hosting and Optimization (build a blog into your existing website or create a new blog around it), Blog Management (get a blog editor and manager who will take care of the daily maintenance and details of your blog), and Web Content Development services (enhance your site’s content in addition to offering blog goodies so readers will be enticed to go even further into your offerings and stay on your site).