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Live Chat for Websites

Convert visitors to clients with live chat

Increase visitor conversion

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Initiate chat instantly
  • Web page push

Convert your website visitors on the spot

You monitor the traffic to and from your website, ponder over visitor entry pages and exit pages, and try to make strategic marketing choices based on online traffic habits. You may have wished a time or two that you could capture a potential customer on the spot – make an effort to convert them immediately to a sale before they click away, or at least make them a returning fan of your site. You don’t need to daydream any longer – there’s an immediate way to up your conversions tenfold.


You’ve no doubt seen websites with intriguing little boxes that read, “Chat now!”. Well, they really do mean it – and now you can have the same feature on your site. The visitor who has a question or concern can click that little button and get real-life interaction pronto. Or, you can initiate a conversation from the other side. That’s right – with Pistonbroke’s Live Chat solution, you can be alerted to a site visitor’s presence and initiate a chat with them yourself (aka push).

Capture higher conversion rates & sales

At Pistonbroke, we can equip your website with a Live Chat module that will give you a variety of options as to how you’d like this service to be integrated into your site – options that are far beyond what any “do-it-yourself” service or download could ever offer.

Below are just a taste of the features Pistonbroke can customize for your website’s Live Chat component. Integrate these options and see your conversions skyrocket:

  • Real-time visitor monitoring

    The marketing genius’ best friend, this type of monitoring allows you to shadow visitors in real-time so you know what they’re looking at, and even find out their location, language, browser choice, and navigation history. Get valuable information about what pages on your site are the most attractive and how much time is being spent on them.

  • Unlimited number of operators and multiple operator support

    Have as many operators online as you like at any one time – great for capturing customers during what you know are your site’s busiest times.

  • Offline messages

    Everyone needs a break, so even when your Live Chat operators are offline or away from their desk, anyone initiating a chat won’t be ignored. Visitors can leave a message for operators to respond to ASAP upon receipt.

  • GeoTracking

    Map your visitor’s location geographically – it’s never been easier to track down a site visitor’s country or hometown! With this tool you can know more than you’ve ever known about your site visitors.

  • Multiple website support

    Have more than one site? You can run Live Chat on all of them with all the same conversion techniques.

  • Push web pages

    Initiate chats with visitors before they leave your site, or send web  pages/files you want them to see that will open automatically on their screen without them ever having to click a button. Is your visitor on a product page but confused about how to order? Push that checkout form their way with one click of the mouse.

  • Display of visitor referrer and entry page URLs

    Discover what page your visitor was on when they decided to initiate their chat, and learn what site they were on right before they came to yours.

  • Display of visitor history

    Find out if your visitor has initiated chats in the past and what pages they’ve visited on your site. Welcome them back and chat like old friends.

Engage your customers in real time

  • Multi-language support

    Break communication barriers and chat with potential customers in a variety of languages… customers you might otherwise have never converted. They’ll appreciate the personal touch.

  • Global canned messages

    Like a living, breathing FAQ, canned messages are efficient ways to answer questions or provide files/links that customers ask/request most often. Messages can simply be dragged and dropped in the chat area for a speedy response!

  • Typing indictor

    This handy tool notifies Live Chat operators that someone is typing a message in the chat area, allowing the operator to stay on-task and interact quickly with the potential customer.

  • Sound and visual alerts

    Live Chat operators can be alerted when new chats are initiated and when the potential customer has finished typing and is awaiting a response.

  • WebCam support

    Personalize chats even more with face-to-face interaction between operator and customer.

  • Desktop client for Windows

    Your Live Chat operators can multi-task with this desktop tool which assures that they’ll be promptly notified when a new chat has been initiated and is in need of attention.

Measure customer satisfaction

  • Customization and branding

    Add your logo, banners, or even operator photos to your Live Chat interface to insure an even more memorable online interaction.

Still not exactly sure what you need?

Live Chat is all about conversion, conversion, conversion. And what company with an online presence doesn’t want to increase their conversions? Find out more about the easy integration of Live Chat into your site by chatting with a Pistonbroke professional. Or even request a live demo of the process – you’ll find yourself convinced of the tool’s many benefits and… ahem, converted in no time.