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Logo & Brand Design

Brand yourself and leave a lasting impression

Do your customers and clients know who you are?

  • Establish a memorable online reputation
  • Show consistency across all online outlets
  • Reinvent yourself

You’re in business. You know what a brand is. But do you know what your online brand can do for you?

A brand distinguishes a product from its competitors, whether the standout element is the company name (Coca-Cola), logo (Nike swoosh), tagline (Snap, Crackle, Pop), mascot (Pillsbury), color (UPS’ Pullman brown), or other feature.

If you’re an established business, you already have a brand (or at least you should – if not, we can help you start from the ground up). But it may be unclear to your audience just what your brand is, which means they don’t know exactly what your business can provide.

Your online brand is the first impression you give
to potential customers, clients, investors, and colleagues.

Beyond company letterhead, business cards, marketing campaigns, uniforms, or decor, your brand needs to be clearly exhibited in your website. If your audience is unsure about your offerings, then your online presence isn’t strong enough and your brand is not well represented online. In this wired age, the first thing anyone does when they want to know more about a company is visit the website.

Are you making a strong, memorable impact through your website? Pistonbroke can elevate your brand across all online outlets.


Without a strong brand, you’re just another generic website among billions, and you’ll be pegged as a company that didn’t consider its own name and message important enough to invest in its online reputation. If your website doesn’t immediately express who you are to a visitor, consider yourself forgotten. What’s the point of being online at all if you’re not going to put effort and thought into it? Your website is the most powerful marketing tool you have.

You must create a memorable online brand.

It can be challenging to look at your website anew when you’ve been so close to it. And if you’re starting a website from scratch, it can feel overwhelming to begin planning its design. But here’s the good news: A solid brand makes the bones of your website easy to create. We know what color palette we’ll be using. We know whether you need a strong, creative, feminine, masculine, sporty, or colorful design. We understand the voice your web content and blog content must have (and can assign you a talented copy writer who can produce the content you need).

Creating a new website is an opportunity to rebrand your business. After all, brands can evolve. Pepsi has had 11 different logos since 1898.

When you have a solid brand, your website is an opportunity to reinforce what your existing audience already knows, and it’s a chance to bring in a new audience and imprint your message upon them.

Your online brand consists of more than just your website.

Yes, your website must strongly exhibit your brand through logo, colors, tagline, and content, but an online presence today includes social media as well.

  • Is your logo on your Twitter profile?
  • Is your Facebook cover photo emblazoned with your tagline and web address?
  • Is your blog integrated into your website using your brand’s colors and voice?
  • Does your LinkedIn profile make your tagline and mission statement clear?

What’s the most important feature of online branding? Consistency.

This consistency in appearance that extends to social media must also extend to your online voice. Is your web content comparable with the tone of your blog? Are your Tweets and Facebook posts written to adequately represent your brand? You have to know what your business stands for, what product or service you’re selling, and what your audience wants to read and hear from you – and then this message must be evidenced across all online outlets.

Still not exactly sure what you need?

We shouldn’t have to convince any business owner about the value of branding. But it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business. The effort to reinforce your overall brand message gets pushed to the bottom of the list. But brand matters. Think about Apple, John Deere, Tiffany, Target, Home Depot – instantly recognizable in color, logo, message, name. These established businesses are part of popular culture and they continue to reinvent themselves and strengthen their reputation through brand-driven efforts.

Talk to us about where you want your brand to go. It’s our job at Pistonbroke to create the visuals and the content to match your marketing vision.