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Reputation Management

Reputation Management


Don’t be the kid with the bad reputation. Boost your online cred.


  • Learn how to ask for positive reviews.
  • Protect yourself from the bad reviewer.
  • Show customers where to go to leave their review.


Once upon a time, simply having a website boosted your business. Now, you need a PhD in online presence – and that means managing your reputation carefully and strategically.


Ask and They Will Write It

When you shop at a brick-and-mortar store, sometimes the clerk will circle their name and a website on your receipt. “Please review my service today,” they say with a smile and eye contact.


You don’t have any of these physical incentives on your website. You don’t have any of these incentives period if you only operate your business online.


So, what’s the secret to getting people to say nice things about you? Ask.


It’s on you to encourage customers and clients to leave nice reviews. If they don’t leave a review, ask again. Don’t be afraid to follow-up. You can even beg a little: Offer people a coupon if they tell others why you’re so great.


How do you ask? We’re glad you asked. Hit ‘em where they’ll notice you – through text. The right SMS platform will help you chalk up the stars.


Take the Power Away from the Bad Reviewer

One bad review could kill your online cred, if you let it. You have the power to make that mean reviewer the bad seed, the odd man out. Your weapon of choice? A boatload of good reviews to make you look like the star that you are.


People leave bad online reviews for all kinds of reasons. Maybe your newbie employee screwed up or your website had a glitch. Your customer’s personal circumstances play a role too: Bad day at work, not enough sleep, a screaming kid. If a customer is feeling cranky, they might take it out on you.


Do you deserve the bad review? Maybe. Maybe not. No matter the situation, the motivation is irrelevant – the bad review is getting in your way, so it’s your job to squash it. Respond to the frenemy or the mean girl – and don’t forget: service with a smile.


Get an A+ in Online Presence

You have the power to direct your customers to the preferred spots for reviews. The best review sites depend on the nature of your business, but it’s important to know what your options are.


  • Twitter: There are plenty of folks who happily take to the likes of Twitter and @ you to complain about something. This is a direct attack, so be prepared to take immediate action in response.
  • Facebook: This platform is designed with a “reviews” section for business pages. It should be watched vigilantly so you can respond – to the bad and the good – and keep your rep intact.
  • Yelp: This is the home of local reviews. Folks in your neighborhood who are interested in what you have to offer are going to consult the community for opinions.
  • Everything else: Angie’s List, Epinions, Amazon, Foursquare, Home Advisor, Glassdoor, OpenTable – know where people are talking about you, and manage your brand and reputation.


A bad review lasts forever online (unless you’re lucky enough to have a customer voluntarily delete their nastiness). Your response to a cruddy review lasts too – so make sure your words are good ones. Kind, deferential, encouraging, apologetic.


Direct customers to the right place to leave a review. Monitor the sites for reviews. Read the reviews. Respond accordingly. Piece of cake.


Protect Your Rep

Remember, more good reviews mean more customers. And more good reviews void the rare bad review. It’s a scary world out there when you have a business and open yourself up to feedback. Take your power where you can get it.


Find out more about how to use an SMS platform to get some serious gushing going about your goods or services. We are right here waiting for you.