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Be the Master of Your Domain Name

domain nameYou may be so focused on the idea of getting your business online that you don’t put much thought into one of the most crucial elements of your website – its domain name. All of your branding and marketing will involve your domain name. If you’re a new business that has yet to launch, this is your opportunity to come up with a snappy, memorable, keyword-friendly domain name that accurately represents your business and is synonymous with the services you offer. If you’ve already got an online presence, you can still make your domain name work for you, even if it’s not doing so much for you right now.

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Does Your Website Have Keyword-Focused Copywriting?

Keyword focused copywritingThere was a day when web developers thought that stuffing websites full of keywords was enough to get Google’s attention. At one time, it was. This behavior still gets you noticed, but not in a good way. You can no longer attempt to outsmart the system. Sophisticated search engines spiders know when you’re trying to get attention the lazy way.

Keywords have to be genuine, relevant, and interspersed logically throughout your content but not included too often… Yikes.
How do you manage to get all that done in one site?
Easy – you hire a copywriting expert.

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Want a Better Website? One Word: WordPress

WordPress is the CMS of choiceWordPress. Isn’t that the generic blog so-and-so was using back in 2003? Probably. But that’s your MP3 player’s WordPress. It’s time to meet the WordPress of the Veruca Salt “I Want It Now” Generation.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has capabilities far beyond blogging. It may have started as a blogging platform alone, but it’s now the leading website publishing system; over 60 million websites operate on a WordPress CMS. And because WordPress is open-source software, it’s free and has no license fees.

Now for the stuff that will really wet your whistle.

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Learn to Love Multimedia, for the Sake of Your Website

The importance of visual media When you hear the term “visual aid,” does it make you think of a film projector, poster, or dry erase board? Well, we’re talking websites here, not your high school history class or low-budget work conference. The more modern term for visual aids is multimedia, but they mean the same thing: Your website needs stuff for people to look at, and Google knows and likes it when you use images and videos.

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