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Managed Website Hosting

Behind-the-scenes efficiency

Stand out in cyberspace

  • Offer a reliable website
  • Guarantee online security
  • Increase profits

Superior hosting equals online success

You value your web presence, no doubt. However, when you don’t invest in the right web hosting package, you’re putting your organization’s chances for success in jeopardy. Unfortunately, free web hosting services or those that cost next-to-nothing don’t really do your business any favors and their offerings may be limited.

Web surfers are discerning and intelligent – they want to visit sophisticated websites without pop-ups and advertisements galore. People go online because their goal is to get things done quickly and efficiently. And they can tell the difference between quality and less-than-top-notch offerings. Don’t you want to show your audience that you’re at the head of the class in your field?

Invest in a web hosting package that offers
one of the most competitive annual prices


Investing in a web hosting package with one of the most competitive annual prices will allow you to create and maintain a savvy and profitable website that will please your customers and broadcast your message appropriately. Pistonbroke provides everything you need when it comes to web hosting.

  • What are the advantages of Pistonbroke’s web hosting services?

    When it comes down to it, with web hosting you get what you pay for. You want managed hosting, not volume hosting – you want all the tools in place to provide you and your company with exactly the kind of platform you need to remain a safe, secure, reliable website that your customers and clients can count on. Pistonbroke can help you design and deploy a web server that closely matches your needs, whether you want server-side processing or client-based authentication.

  • What kind of customer service do you offer?

    There are no talking heads at Pistonbroke. We know that one of the most aggravating things about maintaining your website is being directed to a call center staffed with poorly trained agents who are reading from a script and don’t really know how to determine the answers to your questions. You’ll always work with a specific point of contact at Pistonbroke. We make it a point to know your business and gain your trust. Nothing but a win-win situation.

  • Why should I switch hosting companies… and won’t it be a hassle to do so?

    If you’re reading this, then something about your current hosting company is lacking and they’re not giving you everything you need and deserve. At Pistonbroke, we make it simple for you to switch your web hosting. We prefer to use the most popular web server – Apache – but can easily deploy Microsoft IIS or Sun’s iPlanet if your needs require it. We can configure your web server to only your intranet, extranet, or the entire internet. If you’re reluctant to switch teams, we’ll work with your existing hosting company to make your site work just the way you need.

Still not exactly sure what you need?

If you’re not familiar with IT jargon, trying to determine which web hosting package is right for you can be a nightmare. For instance, you can host your own web server or you can take advantage of Pistonbroke’s co-location, managed systems, and dedicated servers. Still sound like Greek to you? No worries. Talk to us and allow us to evaluate your needs. We’ll get you pointed in the right direction, whether that means you stick with your current provider or enjoy the pleasure of our services.