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Pistonbroke’s Website Marketing Plan Featured on The Huffington Post

Bradley Glonka Pistonbroke Huffington PostWeb presence matters. Read about it all in our latest blog post featured on the small business section of The Huffington Post: Website Marketing Plan – Putting the Pieces Together.

Whether you outsource your web needs, or whether you have a dedicated internal IT team to manage this critical business element, the decision-making about how your website looks and feels should begin with you – the head honcho, the VIP, the person in charge.

Delegate the nitty-gritty of HTML and WordPress and formatting to the IT experts, but keep a firm hold on crucial details such as domain name, make a point to understand SEO, keep tabs on web traffic, thoughtfully join social media outlets, objectively evaluate how your website communicates, and have a plan in place for leads.

We pose plenty of questions in our Huff Post piece. And plenty of answers will follow. Can’t wait? Contact us now.